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Customer Service

We take our work seriously. We take our customers even more seriously. Without our valued customers, we wouldn't be here in the first place, and we are grateful to them for trusting us. The 24 hour customer service is only one of the many ways we ensure that we are with our customers at every walk. Complete customer satisfaction is our motto. We will not rest until we see that smile of satisfaction in faces of our customers. Our new Customer Service wing reflects just that! It is tribute to close relationships and the care it entails. Our customer service is always beside you with people who care about you and your valued assets as if it were their own. Need assistance? We are just one phone call away!

As a valued customer, you might require contacting us for any after sales service, service related queries and complaints. Kindly click on the following links for further details.

• For our customers' convenience, we made our monthly service charge hassle free. You can choose our pre-paid or post-paid service offers.
• For the pre-paid service, you need to buy a scratch card from specific outlets, scratch it and put the information to the billing options in our website or you can call to our customer service centre to confirm your payments.
• For the post-paid service, you need to go to the specific banks and deposit the amount to our designated account number and mail/SMS to our helpline.